Wedding Photography at Donahue Memorial Park, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

Matison and Alex, the couple we’ll remember for a long time. They are a wedding photographer’s dream come true, oh the love they share made us fall in love and how. One of the most beautiful couples we have ever worked with and it was such a fulfilling experience capturing the beauty that they are together.

We were pleasantly surprised when they suggested Donahue Memorial Park, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY for their portraits. It is one of our favorite places to shoot portraits and one of the best places for wedding photography in the New York region. We spent the day shooting around some of the most quaint spots in the park and then covered the popular spots to give the couple what they desired.

We clicked a series of their portraits capturing the couple surrounded by the scenic beauty of the park. As a wedding photographer in New York, you often get the chance to be a part of exotic destination weddings or lavish grandeur filled ceremonies, but this was something special for us. This setting had its own character and inspired us to achieve more than we came for.

On the wedding day, we traveled to Washingtonville, NY, which is a small village in Orange County. The venue was as dreamy as the couple and we had so much fun capturing their beautiful day today. We were glad to be a part of this beautiful ceremony as wedding photographers in New York.

The beauty of this village had its own charm, the House chosen for the wedding was unique in the most intrinsic ways and made for a dream location for photography and capturing a special day like this one. We were elated the moment we reached the destination, all our dreamy ideas came to life right in front of us and the rest was magic at work.

This beautiful wedding was one of the most fulfilling experiences that we’ve ever had as wedding photographers in New York. We’ve never felt this happy and satisfied with the work we did. Than you Matison and Alex for making us a part of your wedding.