Did you know that not using the right images could undermine efforts to sell yourself and your company to potential clients?

In this day and age, not having a headshot to help build that connection with clients and industry professionals is almost like not having a business card at a networking event. Faceless business whether they are small or large, bring no attention to clients. Not to mention the use of old images or tagged pictures on Facebook is highly view as unethical. A face help people remember, and your headshot is how you can get yourself and business out there.

Boost Your Biography Page to The Max

When people log on to a biography (bio) or about page, they seek for a connection with a face that represents the business and not just read a narrative about the person running the company. Therefore, it is essential to introduce yourself or brand with a photo. But using any sort of photo as your headshot simply isn’t enough. It’s important to use the right professionally done headshot to create that all-important first impression.

Clients Want Quality

It isn’t enough to have a great logo and old photo or even worse a cropped family photo. The true face of any business are the people who have direct and indirect relationships with clients. That being the case, the faces of a company (i.e. corporate headshots) are what clients often look for when researching a company and that should be what you as a professional have to offer.

Suitable for Networking or Social Media 

Networking is a difficult task, nowadays with millions of other business with similar statements or logo how can those who want to contact you know is you. It is simply, they look you up on Linked In, Facebook or Google+ and find your professional headshot and immediately feel relief.  Not need to search millions of accounts that have your same name, your face says it all. Having a professional photo of yourself or your entire team is a “must have” for any serious person or company. It’s definitely an investment that should be high on the list.

If you would like to learn more about how professional headshots are done contact us  and find out more about our wide range of photography services

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