Why You Should Hire A Professional NJ Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

Best Professional New Jersey Wedding Photographer For Your Special Day

Your wedding may be pricey and therefore photographer’s prices may seem intimidating; however the difference between a professional photographer and a family friend with a good camera is immense. Your wedding is your big day, it is one to hold in your memories forever. You will want the photos from the day of your marriage to be the best quality they can be and while getting a friend or close relative to take photos may be financially relieving for a short period of time, hiring a photographer like Alex Kaplan will be better in the long run and prevent any regrets you may have with someone who does not have the same experience with shooting weddings. You will end up getting what you pay for and it may even eventually seem like a bargain!

An important thing to realize with Alex Kaplan’s Photography and Video studio in Bergen County NJ is that taking photos requires an impressive amount of skill and it is not just about the quality of cameras he owns. Taking pictures is not as easy as it seems, ESPECIALLY at weddings. Alex knows when to capture the right photos at the right times and he’s able to predict when raw emotions will occur because of the experience from the hundreds of weddings in the New Jersey/ New York area he’s been hired for. Alex also knows the ins and outs of his cameras and shooting in manual comes easy to him whereas it might not come so easily to others when a variety of factors such as lighting are taken into account. Going from a dark venue to a light venue requires you to monitor the light constantly and react by changing shutter speed, aperture and iso. Tricky lighting is really difficult to deal with and it commonly appears at weddings and wedding receptions which is one reason why experience at weddings is crucial when picking someone to shoot for your special day.

Not only is Alex Kaplan skillful with a camera, but he is also well equipped. What this means is a family friend may not be prepared if something on their end goes wrong, Alex on the other hand will have backup cameras and photographers from the New Jersey area if an emergency is to happen. It also means that he will know what to do if a memory card corrupts or if the battery runs out he will always have a spare one.

Alex also is willing to work side by side with you as he understands your busy schedule and how stressful and nerve wracking getting married seem. He is good under the pressure of weddings having experienced countless. Even though based in New Milford in Bergen County NJ he is willing to travel any distance for a client’s wedding and often does work out of state. He will also be willing to stay and perform his job for as long as it takes, whereas maybe a family friend doesn’t understand the long hours a wedding photographer is committed to. They would most likely much rather enjoy celebrating your momentous occasion with the rest of your guests.

So don’t hesitate! Alex Kaplan is a professional wedding photographer and although he does a lot of portraits, headshots, and street photography, he is also very much experienced with the wedding setting. Hiring Alex Kaplan is the best way to ensure you have the best quality photos to make the memory of your big day everlasting without regrets.


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