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We chose Alex Kaplan as our photographer after checking his website out. He has a real talent of taking candid photos and that was exactly what we wanted. My fiancé and I were so sick of seeing the same photos taken for every single wedding and we knew right away Alex could capture the wedding the way we were dreaming of. We contacted him through email about one of the packages he offers and within minutes he responded with a price.
On our wedding day we had Alex and his associated photographer for the full day. The two photographers worked amazingly well together and had great ideas for pictures that were fun and they did an incredible job of really showing our goofy sides. At the ceremony they did a phenomenal job of capturing the sweetest moments from tears during the vows to the rings being put on our fingers to kisses my dad gave me on the cheek before walking me down the aisle, all the things I thought no one saw they were and on the ball with capturing those moments. After the ceremony they took us off to do our own private photo session as husband and wife and those pictures were so incredible and sweet, filled with kisses and adoring looks at each other in a very natural and comfortable manner.
The experience we had with Alex was absolutely incredible and we were so ecstatic with how everything looked and they truly did capture our wedding day. I would definitely recommend having Alex Kaplan as your photographer on your wedding day. The price we paid for our package was unbeatable by any photographer we had contacted in the tri-state area and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Great personality, very easy to work with and extremely talented!

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