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I left this same review on The Knot, but wanted to share with brides on here as well. When I was first debating whether to book with him, I was hoping for more reviews to help ease any concerns I had about it being too good to be true!

I wanted what every bride wants–beautiful photos of my wedding day! I love the way photojournalistic photographers capture the emotion and expressions that really bring moments to life, but I don’t like the way they charge more than we could afford.. When I found Alex’s website, I worried that it was too good to be true–was it really possible to get such beautiful photographs and actually be able to afford it?!
Although I had some concerns about it being too good to be true, it turned out to just be wonderful. Both photographers were professional, friendly, and not at all overbearing. Although they were never shouting orders to set up shots, they were able to capture so many important moments.
Get them now while you can if you are looking for a wedding photographer–I’m sure with the quality of his photographs, Alex will be highly in demand in the very near future!! – Dannielle Marinella