“My husband and I had originally signed up for photography through WeddingBug but after having reserved their services, we felt that some of their policies and their lack of any type of studio or concrete location was a little fishy. I was searching for negative reviews for WeddingBug to confirm our suspicions (there hadn’t been any when we had booked), and came across a review from a woman who had been in the same situation and hired Alex. I called Alex in the early afternoon, and he spent a good 30-45 minutes speaking to me about what we were looking for and what our budget was. I was surprised by his willingness to work with our budget, as most photographers I had spoken with had no “wiggle room.” My hometown is in South Jersey, but I live in Texas, and was trying to plan across 1500 miles. Alex assured me that everything would be taken care of. When the big day arrived, he and his team arrived early and told me (as I was having my only bridal “freak-out” about my flowers arriving with spray on glitter) that one of the men with him was training to be a videographer and that we would be receiving a free wedding video. I told him that he had just made my flowers seem like much less of a big deal, and he hugged me and told me to go get ready. Being camera shy, I was apprehensive about having three men following me and my husband around. They were all delightful – very easy-going, polite, and thoughtful – in their behavior and in the way they captured special moments that we might have forgotten if they hadn’t taken a picture. They created posed pictures that instead of being stiff and formal, were actually some of our favorites and the most tender. The only “hiccup” we had was the shipping time for the DVDs of our photos, but there were some technical issues at the lab, and Alex was on location out of town, and we received the discs soon after we spoke with Alex about the issue. You would be absolutely OUT OF YOUR MIND not to hire Alex and his team!”
Service Category: Photographer
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

Wedding at the Union Chapel By-the-Sea -  Ocean City, NJ &  The Flanders Hotel - Ocean City, NJ - By Alex Kaplan, Photo - Video - Photo Booth - Specialists - www.AlexKaplanPhoto.com

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