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Crafting the Perfect Wardrobe for Your Business Headshots

By now you’ve probably spent countless hours meticulously combing the internet or getting references from colleagues and friends as to which photographer you want to hire to take your business headshots. You’ve got your LinkedIn account all set up and ready to go, your shoot date has been set and your deposit has been paid. All that time and money can be for nothing if you don’t take the time to pick out a proper wardrobe for the day of your shoot. The following are some suggestions for creating the perfect professional look for your professional headshots.

Never choose clothes that seem dated or worn. We don’t want anything that can make you look like an extra on “That 70s Show”. You should never be able to tell what decade it is in a business headshot. Choose a classic look; one that has spanned decades.

Avoid wearing anything with any sort of bold patterns. Patterns often distract the viewer from the focus of the photo, you. A pop of color in your outfit is ok, but avoid wearing any bold colors in excess. They draw the viewer’s eyes away from you as well. Do not wear anything with a grid or herringbone pattern. They can cause a visual disturbnace in the photo known as the “Moire Effect” that can ruin your headshot entirely.

Try not to wear a plain white shirt. White shirts tend to lose detail in the folds unless you plan on layering the look with a jacket or tie to break them up. Wearing black and white can mess with the camera’s exposure so it’s best to avoid them entirely.

For Men
Do not wear any bright colored shirts. Stay away from reds, greens, yellows etc… Try to wear something a bit more dark and neutral. Grays, dark blues, and black make you the focus of the shot, not your wardrobe, and lead the viewers eyes to your eyes. Pick a suit that fits you well. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing your older brother’s suit. Make sure it doesn’t bunch up when you sit down. Make sure you pick a tie that compliments your suit and shirt color. You want your tie to be a pop of color, not the dominant detail in your photo. If you’re wearing a dark suit and a light shirt, pick a tie that lands somewhere in between. Make sure your tie isn’t too reflective or shiny. Some silk ties can distract the viewer, and once again, we want the focus to be you.

For Women
Do not wear any sort of flesh tones. Flesh tones blend your face into your clothes. Try to avoid wearing anything with thin straps or short sleeves. Too much skin can distract the viewer from the focus of the photo, you. In some situations a dress or sleeveless blouse could work, but always bring another layer just in case like a suit jacket or sweater that compliments it. V necks are fine for women as they accentuate the neckline but avoid going too deep, keep it modest. Picking a shirt with a jewel tone (magenta, turquoise, green, pink, and blue) will flatter any complexion and when picked correctly, can accentuate the eyes and draw the viewer straight to them. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum and used as a pop of detail in the photo, not the focus. You want to notice your face before you notice your jewelry. Anything too big and flashy will be distracting.

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