North Haledon, NJ Wedding Photographer Video and Photo Booth Specialists Review

Alex Kaplan was a budget friendly choice of photographer and videographer. I am quite satisfied with what I received given the very reasonable rate. Our pictures turned out beautifully, mostly thanks to the skill of Geraldine, a talented and dedicated photographer contracted with him. Also, I was impressed with Alex’s demeanor when I first met him in his studio in Northern Jersey. He is a very nice guy and he deals fairly with customers.

However, I do have mixed feelings about certain key aspects. Firstly, Alex takes on a LOT of clients. Do not expect especially personalized service from him. He mainly runs the show via email, does not answer the phone, and generally does not meet with clients again after the initial consultation (and even that isn’t required. I was the one who wanted it). He states on his website that he doesn’t need to meet you until the day of your wedding. That sounds crazy to me, but I took this risk knowingly–I was attracted by his low rate. But this arrangement means he doesn’t really plan for your wedding. I found myself emailing huge missives trying to describe my needs, and most of the time, my only answer is that I had to write my request onto “the info sheet.” He insists that having a summary worksheet is all the prep he needs, and that indeed is all he works from. I was shocked when my photographers showed up not even knowing what the venue looked like. When I asked why they didn’t know, they said Alex just hands them the sheet as their sole source of info for the assignment. Secondly, my video initially came with some major errors, like omitting my father in law’s speech. Alex apologized promptly and sent me a corrected version, but it just seemed like an error made from a shop that has too much on its plate and was rushing production. The photos I received had a similar mass produced quality. The pictures are unevenly edited, with pictures from one photographer coming out beautifully and those of the other mediocre.

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