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New York Photographer Member of NPS

New York Photographer Member of NPS

I am a proud member of Nikon Professional Services.

Nikon Professional Services is available only to bona-fide, FULL-TIME professional photographers.

Nikon Professional Services (NPS) is an organization designed solely to assist photographers who earn their living using Nikon equipment. This worldwide service is available to any qualified professionals in a wide variety of photographic disciplines, including movie productions shot with Nikon equipment. The three main goals of NPS are to keep NPS members shooting, to treat every member fairly and to understand each member as an individual with his or her own specific set of needs. The face-to-face relationship between members and staff is critical, because that’s what enables NPS to deliver informed and personalized support in a quick and timely manner.

The array of services that NPS provides are as wide and varied as the problems our members face. Repairs to damaged and dropped cameras are common, as are careful and frequent inspections of the image sensor in order to ensure image quality and avoid sensor-related problems down the line. NPS also works tirelessly to locate the article source and loan out the best and most appropriate equipment to its members in order to maximize shooting time when their gear has been damaged or stolen.
Most importantly, NPS delivers a sense of security. Members know that when trouble arises, NPS will provide solutions immediately. In an unpredictable world, this may be the most vital service of all.

Our job is to support photographers that make their living with Nikon equipment, but my personal mission is to make sure that NPS members are constantly reminded that shooting with Nikon is the right decision. The help we provide can take a variety of forms. It may mean providing the right lens to a photographer when his or her own equipment is in another city. At other times, it means loaning out replacement gear when a photojournalist has been robbed. Even a simple sensor cleaning or lens recommendation at the right time and place can help keep a photographer on track and on deadline. When photographers get the photos they need because of our technical advice, our service or extra equipment that they would not have been able to acquire otherwise, then we have fulfilled our mission. Behind every lens there is a photographer, and behind every NPS member you will find us.

Bill Pekala
General Manager
Professional & Technical Service
Nikon Inc.

To become a member, you must have an NPS Sponsor (existing member to verify that you are a full-time photographer)
Current Tear Sheets (published within the last 12 months)
Ownership of a minimum of 2 Nikon Professional Bodies and 3 Nikkor or DX Nikkor lenses.

Information taken from the NPS website:

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