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“Why is it important to have professional corporate headshots for your business”

Do you realize? You as the business owner are the face of your business. That’s why having a professional headshot is so essential.Taking a photo with your phone’s camera just doesn’t cut it.

  • Hire a professional photographer and makeup artist. A photo from your iPhone will not do.
  • If you need to tweak your style, hire a professional stylist to go shopping with you to pick out a few outfits that would be flattering in a headshot.
  • Select at least two looks to be photographed, (pick a colorful jacket or tie and avoid black or white).
  • Plan on spending at least $500-$1000 for what you need.
  • Be sure to get .jpeg and high resolution .tiff files so you can use them online and in print.

It’s important to have a visual brand that presents you in the best light, with an up-to-date look. Invest in a new headshot today; it could do wonders for your business.

A 2012 report from eMarketer found that 82% of consumers trust a company more — and 77 % are more likely to buy from a company — if the founder uses social media. Whether for a social profile or your company’s website, the quality and style of your headshot conveys a lot about you as a person and signals how you conduct business. An outdoor shot in casual attire conveys a very different sense than a portrait in a business suit against a solid color backdrop. The type of photo that’s right for your business is a branding decision, but regardless of the business you are in, a blurry or poorly cropped picture conveys a sense a sloppiness and a lack of attention to detail that carries over to your organization’s reputation.

It can be hard to carve out the time needed to take a quality headshot, but it should be on every founder’s top “to-do” list. A good portrait photographer can work with you to get the perfect shot and guarantee that you will finish the session with high quality results you can use in a wide variety of sizes and formats moving forward.

While it might be tempting to ask a friend with a cell phone to take your headshot, this is one area where you usually get what you pay for. “Don’t damage your professional image with an amateur headshot. Save yourself money and aggravation in the long run by doing it right the first time. Using a professional photographer is a bargain compared to the value you get — not to mention the real harm a bad or even not very good photograph can do to your image.”

When you consider that your professional headshot can be repurposed for social media profiles, your web site, and a myriad of printed marketing materials, it really is a bargain — and it takes very little time.

Professional headshots are a must for online corporate profiles, professional social media sites, and anywhere where your public image has a stake in your business.

Whether you want to post your headshot on your company’s website, or want to post it on your social media pages, you are always representing your business in one way or another. You might deal with other businesses or with the general public, but a professional head shot will put confidence into your business and make your clients (both businesses and public) more willing to deal with you.

Think about it for a moment, if you were searching for a new supplier and found that a certain company was a very viable supplier, but the CEO had an unprofessional headshot in casual clothes – would you be willing to deal with this company?

There are many tips and tricks that you can implement in order to get the most from your head shot. One thing that many executives do is try to portray themselves as seriously as possible, this doesn’t always have to be the case! In some industries you might have to look serious, but if possible, make sure to show a bit of personality, people will remember!

All in all, make sure that you go to the right photographer! You can’t have a professional head shot without going to a professional photographer.


When it comes to an actor’s portfolio, having headshots done for it is extremely important. It shows said company or studio what kind of a person one is and what kind of roles one wants to audition for. These points can be displayed perfectly during a headshot session, and it will provide a great first impression for actors to said companies or studios. There are guidelines to follow regarding actor headshot session as well some tips to further enhance the session. Once these are all taken into account, a successful headshot session is guaranteed.

Clothing is Number One. Dress Comfortably!

For a New Jersey headshot session, clothing is the most important factor to keep in mind. It’s not recommended to wear old clothing or clothes that have been worn multiple times; new or almost new clothing works best. Clothes that are comfortable, wrinkle-free, and fit just right are highly recommended as well, as this will allow the actor look confident in his or her shots. It’s best to wear long sleeved shirts or blouses for an actor headshot session as it will allow for the shot to be focused on just the actor’s face, and wearing a top with a specific neckline helps bring out one’s face shape. If an actor is interested in auditioning for different roles, then it is recommended to bring in a variety of outfits so that there are headshots of different characters; this plays an important role for landing auditions. However, if an actor is interested in one specific role, wearing one outfit for the session is just fine.

Don’t Wear Patterns or Revealing Tops

There are certain styles that should never be worn to a headshot session; for example, patterns, like plaid, should not be worn for headshots because the patterns can be distracting to the image. Clothing with large logos should be avoided at all costs. Turtlenecks, low cut tops, crew necks, and short sleeved tops should not be worn for the shots as it will cause the shot to focus on features that aren’t just the face.

Dark Colors Are The Way to Go

Another factor regarding clothing to think about is the color of the clothing. It’s crucial to not wear white or colors close to white for a session because the shot will only focus on that item of clothing and not one’s face, which misses the point of headshots. Wearing a dark color over an item of clothing that is white is acceptable, and as for bright colors, those should be avoided as well as it will make the image distracting. Wearing black itself is acceptable, and wearing black with a dark color underneath works as well. Wearing solid, dark colors work best, especially since those bring out any skin tone, and wearing colors that match one’s eye color are suitable too.

Pants and Shoes: Comfortable and Professional

With pants and shoes, they don’t matter too much with headshot sessions, unless full length shots will be taken as well. Regardless, it’s best to wear pants and shoes that one is comfortable with, but they’re not a huge concern. It’s recommended to wear comfortable pants and shoes and to dress the same way as one would dress for an audition.

Glasses and Contacts

Regarding glasses, if the actor wears glasses frequently, then the headshots should be taken with glasses on. However, if glasses and contacts are worn often, headshots with glasses on and off are recommended. Glasses without transition lenses and with anti-glare lenses work best for the session. If one has glasses without anti-glare lenses and would still like to get the headshots done with his or her glasses on, then one could bring a frame with no lens for the session, if possible. If not, editing could fix any problems, if there are any.

Jewelry: Keep it Simple

If one decides to wear jewelry for the session, keeping it small and simple is the way to go. Anything bigger will be distracting to the image and will focus more on the jewelry rather than the face. If it stands out, don’t wear it.

Hair and Makeup: Natural and Straightforward

For hair and makeup, the same philosophy from jewelry is applied here. With makeup, it’s best to make it look natural and not overdone. It should match one’s skin tone; using a translucent powder would ensure that, and it’s best to avoid using products with any shimmer or shine. As for hair, sticking with one’s normal hairstyle is the way to go because it’s recommended to avoid trying anything new regarding hairstyles before a session. If one tries something new regarding hairstyles, it may not work out, and it may ruin the outcome of the shots.  If one would like to try out a new style, it’s recommended to try at least one week before.

(insert headline here maybe?)

Overall, there are a lot of steps concerning actor headshots in New Jersey that should be followed. It’s crucial to stick with clothes that are long sleeved and consist of solid, dark colors. Nothing should be worn that will stand out; it’s all about focusing on the face. It has to be kept simple and straightforward so that the shots can come out great. With these steps being covered, the headshot session is ready for action, and the actor is set on his or her portfolio.

Summary of blogpost:

Keeping in mind of what to wear for headshots is extremely important. Wearing comfortable clothes that are wrinkle-free and either new or almost new work best. Long sleeved tops are the way to go, and wearing solid, dark colors is what’s most recommended. Everything else regarding the outfit should be kept plain and simple. What helps the most regarding figuring out what to wear is that what one decides to wear for a headshot would wear that for an audition as well. Once all of that is done, the headshot session is ready to go.


Headshot FAQs

Q: Why should I get headshots done?

A: This is what companies and studios look at when it comes to picking and choosing actors for roles. It’ll put yourself out there, and it’ll give you a better chance of being considered.

Q: What kind of clothing should I bring/wear?

A: (written in post)

Q: What should I do with hair and makeup?

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Q: I don’t like getting my picture taken. What can be done?

A: It’s good to try to take some time for yourself before the shoot so that you can relax and clear your mind a little bit. Many people don’t like getting their photo taken yet have amazing headshots. We will try your best to make you feel as comfortable as possible so that the session can go by quickly and painlessly.

Q: Can I bring my existing headshots to show you?

A: If you’d like to, then sure! If there is something you’d like to change compared to your past headshots, we will work with you to guarantee those changes.

Q: Can I bring a friend with me?

A: Sure! They will have to sit aside though and keep themselves busy so that we can focus on our session with no distractions.

Q: What’s better for headshots: vertical or horizontal?

A: It depends. Horizontal headshots are easier to view on a computer, since the screen is horizontal, this screens are also used for video games as Overwatch, with the use of the different heroes in OW people learn to use online. As for vertical headshots, these are fine as well, especially if you’d like a certain feature of yourself to be shown, like your hair length, for example.

Q: Should I wear my glasses to the session?

A: (written in post)

Q: How do I prepare for the session?

A: Have all of your outfits put together. Make sure you know how you’ll be doing your hair and makeup. It’s also important to get lots of rest before the session and be sure to eat and drink lots of water beforehand. If you feel nervous about it, just keep reminding yourself that it’s not as nerve-racking as it seems; we will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible so that you won’t feel as nervous about it. Also, make sure to arrive on time or even come earlier if possible.

Q: Should I shave before my session?

A: It depends on how you’d like to look for your headshots. If you want to display facial hair in your shots, then don’t shave. If you want a clean-shaven face for your shots, make sure to do it some time before and do it well so that you won’t miss any spots; it’s also good to do it early to give your skin some time to heal if there’s any irritation.

Q: How often should my headshots be updated?

A: Actor headshots should be updated every 8 to 12 months. They should also be updated if you change your look, like if you get a new haircut, for example.

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