Littleton, NJ Wedding Photographer Video and Photo Booth Specialists Review

Last month, Alex and Jasmine took pictures at my wedding. I have 941 pictures, so I am quite pleased with the amount of pictures. Alex and Jasmin did take most of the pictures that I asked them to take (I do not have a shot of the flower centerpieces, nor do I have all the table numbers, which I requested ahead of time and asked on the day of to be taken). While I do have many really nice pictures, I wish I had more and I very easily could have had more. Jasmin and Alex took a picture and looked in the camera to view the picture. They often said that we were able to move on to new scene or position. However, I noticed that in many of the pictures that I thought would be amazing, someone’s eyes were shut or someone’s body placement was awkward. Since they had us move on to another shot, I assumed the picture was perfect, but upon reviewing the album, I realize that many of the pictures were not. Also, there were many pictures where only my face was visible and not my husband’s, or vice versa. My wedding day cannot be redone and while I do have many great pictures, I feel that that I could have had an additional 100-200 MORE great pictures had simple tweaks been made when the photographers were taking the pictures (such as angling us better so both faces were visible, angling our bodies to make the photo look nicer, giving us more directions, fixing my dress, etc). I was so in the moment that I did not think of these things myself.

Overall, I am pleased with my pictures. I have more than enough to make albums and have most of my day captured nicely.

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