FAQ - How much would you charge for wedding photoshoot?


Frequently asked Question


Are you part time or full time photographers?

Full time! This is all we do!

What is your Photographic Style?

We have a Ninja type approach to Photojounralistic/Candid Photography. Always looking for opportunities to take the perfect shot but from a distance if possible. We try not to attract to much attention to ourselves. The day is not about us! Never pushy, but can give suggestions if/when needed. We keep moving, try not be be in the same spot for a long time in order not to miss anything. And not be in anyone’s way and a distraction to family’s and guests. When its time for the formal portrait sessions, if needed, we take a more direct approach and lead in order to get things done quickly and efficiently. We will work with you to provide you with the best images of your day. Will always be friendly, courteous, discreet, fun, professional, patient, respectful, laid back and personable, to you, your family, and guests!

Can I see your portfolio?

This is the best place to see my portfolio images: https://www.alexkaplan.photography/Portfolio/Mixed-Images-Portfolio/

How many Weddings have you shot?

We shoot about 125 events a year for the last 10 years. We are very experienced and comfortable in shooting all different types of weddings, locations, and working with all different types of people.

How will you be dressed when shooting our wedding?

We wear all black, black shoes, black pants, black shirt, and Black jacket.

What area’s do you cover?

We mainly cover, all of New Jersey, New York City, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. But we will travel anywhere!

How do you take the deposit?

Deposit can be made with a credit/debit card, check, money order, PayPal or cash. Deposit is needed to book the wedding date, balance is due 1 week before the wedding date.
3% discount if paid in full at time of booking.
5% discount if paid in full in cash at time of booking
Flexible payment arrangements, you let me know what deposit and payments you can do, you can login at anytime to make a monthly or weekly payment online. There are no refunds on any payments made, A credit is available for a future date.

I am not photogenic, how do you approach this?

I hear “I am not photogenic and I hate getting my picture taken” all the time , I have been a professional corporate photographer for the last 15 years. On average, I have five minutes or less to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera by having them forget that thy are being photographed, and make them look as flattering as possible. People who think they are not photogenic are my specialty!

Are you a member of any photographic groups?

I am a members of PPA ( Professional Photographers or America) WPPI ( Wedding photographers Association)

Are you insured?

Yes! Absolutely, We can provide any paperwork your venue needs!

How long does it take to get the download with all my images?

The Online Webalbum and download is usually 25 business days or less.

How much experience do you have shooting weddings?

A total of 10 years shooting weddings! 20 years in professional photography!

Can I provide you a list of must have shots?


Will the images in my download zip file that I receive from you have any watermarks?

No, high resolution JPG images will no have any watermarks.

Do you provide albums?

Yes! There are many different options for you, You can check some options here:

Can I take my digital images anywhere to be printed?

Yes, but just because you have the high resolution images does not mean they will be printed properly. If you want quality printing, you can either go through us or i can recommend a lab for you.

Do I have full rights to the images?

Yes, The images are yours, you can do whatever you like with them.

Do you travel?

Yes, we will go anywhere!

What type of camera equipment do you use?

I use top of the line Nikon Professional digital equipment.

Do you shoot in color or BW.


Do we have to meet in order to book a wedding date?

No, We can do everything online, answer your questions, provide a contract, deposit, and receipt.

What is the online wedding album?

This is a private online album of your wedding. You, your family and friends can view all your wedding images any time, make comments, and place print orders if they chose to.

Can I read through the contract before making a deposit?

Sure, we can email it to you.

Do you provide engagement sessions?

Yes, average cost is $350.00, usually 45 minutes to an hour shoot. 15 mile radius from 07646.

Since there are two photographers, does one shoot the bride getting ready and the other the groom getting ready?

Yes! Unless you would like something else. But this is the usual case!

Do you offer retouching?

Yes, All the images you get on the DVD/download are post processed! They are color corrected, and we make sure they are perfect density, meaning they are not too light or too dark. Retouching is when we actually take blemishes, spots, or anything that is not needed in the image away. All of the photo books that we provide to you are retouched, and you can get individual images retouched at $7 each pre ordered ( before the wedding) or $10 each after the wedding.

Do you back up your images?

YES, During the event, the camera captures your images to a card, when that card is full, we backup that card to a portable hard drive called HYPERDRIVE. Then it goes into a card case which is in the photographers pocket. The HYPERDRIVE is put into the camera bag. If there is more than one photographer, the 2nd does the same. Each photographer leaves the event with his/hers images. Both photographers upload all the images to a main server for editing. The cards are not used again until about a month after the event just in case there is a problem with the HYPERDRIVES or the main server.

OK, I’m Interested, what is the next step?

Send us an email, with your wedding date, location, how many hours you are interested in, and total wedding photography budget amount and we will get right back to you.

Why are your prices so reasonable?

I understand we are in the middle of a recession and everyone is is budget conscience. I love to shoot. I enjoy going out every weekend meeting new people and providing everlasting images for them. I rather do that than sit on the couch.

Do you have backup Equipment?

Yes, We bring two of everything!

Do you provide Video?

Yes, we have great videographers & editors working for us. Prices start at $500.00 to $2,500 . Please email me with your needs and budget details. It it highly recommend that you hire our video people as they work seamlessly with us You can see our video samples by clicking here.

Should I have video for my wedding?

Video will allow you to relive the saying of the vows, the first kiss, the smiles you had when are you looking at each other and at your guests. You will be able to relive the way you held each other! You will be able to hear the the music of the first dance, parent dances, and toasts. This is something you will share with your children and grandchildren. Video is especially meaningful after an important person in your life has passed. You will be thankful to see that person come alive, to see them the way they were. Walking, Talking, and laughing. Most brides that do not hire a videographer really regret it, ask around.
Your video will be worth more to you every year that passes, can you say the same for the invitations, flowers, and Cake?

Can I have Video for a different amount of hours than Photography?

Not a problem.

Can you give me a run down of what types of shots you would want to take and a rough timeline/order? Ultimately, we want you to be creative and engaged in the photographs for the best product, but we want to know what to expect. I anticipate also wanting some scripted shots of the bridal party, the families, etc. We are not planning on doing a first look.

The day usually starts where the bride’s is getting ready. When we arrive the bride’s hair and makeup is all done. The bridesmaids and the brides family are already dressed. I start by taking pictures of the wedding dress hanging by itself as well as with her shoes flowers and jewelry. I leave the room and ask the bride to put on her dress. When the dress is on, and I am allowed to go back into the room, I start to photograph the bridesmaids helping the bride with the dress, with the shoes, and jewelry. Then I take
some shots of the bride by herself, by a window, by a mirror, putting on her lipstick, adjusting her necklace and earrings. Then I work on the family photos then bride and the bridesmaids. Then its off to the ceremony. If I am able to arrive at the ceremony location earlier and if time allows I try take pictures of the groom with the groomsmen. If I don’t have time to do that and I do that after the ceremony. After the ceremony I usually go right into family portraits then the bridal party then the bride and groom. Then it’s time for the reception.

Have you been to my venue before?

The odds are we have been there, if not, we would use google images to check it out online, as well as photography forums to see where other professional photographers have shot before. When we get to the venue, we will ask the manager what they recommend as well.

Can you give me any advise for my wedding to go as smoothly as possible?

Photography & Videography: Recommended Start time for photography & Videography is a little before the bride puts on her dress. End time right after the cake cutting which is usually one hour before the end of event.

Photography & Videography: Have the dress hanging properly (out of the plastic and on proper hanger) and the dressing room straightened out before the photographers & videographers arrive, this will save time for pictures.

Photography & Videography: Have a question for us, not a problem, the best way to get a fast and proper answer is to send an email. Once we have all of your event information in front of us, we can send you an answer. This is not always the case if you call.

Photography & Videography: First kiss; please take your time with the kiss; this gives the photographers a better chance to catch it and take few different shots for you.

Photography & Videography: Are your parents, grandparents, and everyone attending the ceremony planning to video the ceremony with their iPhone’s? If so, it won’t photograph well (the phone covers everybody’s faces). You may want to consider an “unplugged wedding”. This is becoming very popular now J

Photography & Videography: Are you having a receiving line? They can take up to 25 minutes from your picture time and cocktail hour time.

Photography & Videography: The absolute best time for outdoor photography is 1 hour before sunset.

Photography & Videography: If the family photos will commence right after the ceremony, ask the immediate family to stick around otherwise they will leave for the cocktail hour.

Photography & Videography: The best time for the photographers to eat is at the SAME time as the bride and groom, some vendors like to feed the photographers last, just when the bride and groom are finished eating and ready to mingle. If you want the best coverage possible, it is recommended that you ask the Venue to feed the photographers/videographers at the same time.

Photography & Videography: It is recommended that you see each other before the ceremony. If this is something you are interested in, we would do a first look, then soon after do the family shots, the bridal party, and bride and groom shots, all before the ceremony!

Hair & Makeup: Have a lot of bridesmaid’s? It will take longer for the hair & Makeup than you anticipate! Not all of the girls are getting hair and makeup? They tend to change their mind on the morning of your wedding.

DJ’s Smoke machines look great, but not in pictures, they decease the contrast in your photos.

DJ’s – Some Djs bring their still and video cameras in order to take pictures of your wedding; they walk around all night, and even direct you and your guests to pose for them. Their goal is to upload their images to their Facebook in order to promote themselves. Obviously they interfere with the professional photography, which impedes on the quality of the photos as it leads to stress to the photographer, which can lead to missed shots, or retouching fees in order to get rid the DJ from your photos. One or two shots of their setup and the crowd having a great time is not a problem, but shooting all night is not. We are more than happy to provide them any images they need for their promotional material. Please ask them not to take more than few images.

DJ’s – Place the older guests as far away from the DJ’s speakers as possible.

DJ’s – Spotlights used by DJs can affect the exposure of some of the most important pictures like fist dance and parent dances. Colored spotlights (a blue spotlight on you and your spouse will render you both blue).

External Videographers – Poorly supplied videographers without the proper telephoto lenses and or audio recorders tend to stay too close the bride and groom when recording the ceremony dances, and toasts, this leads to less options for the photographers as they need to be zoomed in in order to crop out the videographer.

Limo Make sure your driver will have a GPS, spare tire, battery booster, and EZPass.

Limo – Limo drivers love to help you with the dress, but it looks better in pictures if a family member or help you.

Flowers – Get a picture of the flowers you are to receive, keep the picture together with the contract, you can reference the picture should any questions arise.

Toasts & Dances – If you do all the toasts and formal dances at the beginning of reception, your guests will pay attention. If you do it later on, they may not as they are intoxicated.

Do you provide photo booths?

Yes, we have few booths there are many options but the most popular is
4 Hours, unlimited usage, party props, Scrapbook, Attendant ( delivery, setup, breakdown and help with scrapbook) , 4 shots 8 prints – 4 shots for you ( scrapbook ) 4 shots got guests (your gift to them ) , Online Web photo album, All images yours to keep in high resolution, Pictures are taken with professional lighting and equipment for best possible quality. . Prices start at $500.00 to $1200 . Please email me with your needs and budget details.

Do you recommend one or two photographers?

I would definitely recommend two photographers. When you have one photographer, that photographer has specific images he/she must take during the day, as a very small example: posed shots (bride and groom, wedding party, family – The 2nd shooter can capture the coctail hour at this time or you can get two different angles of the portraits as well as the first kiss, garter toss, cake cutting, etc… ) Still Life (shots of rings, flowers, tables settings, place cards, menus, centerpieces, decorations, table settings, favors, and Champagne glasses) while working on these images, there are many things that go on behind the scenes that are not being captured by one photographer. The 2nd photographer’s job is to concentrate on the images that are being missed by the 1st photographer. One photographer captures the action while the other concentrates on the reaction.

If you want maximum coverage with natural and candid shots of you, your family and guests, go for two photographers.

Are you comfortable shooting at night?

We are very comfortable shooting at night and have all the proper equipment to do so.

Are you comfortable shooting without the flash in the Church?

We are very comfortable shooting without flash and have all the proper equipment to do so.

Do you have testimonials?

– Over 397 reviews on LinkedIn
– Over 388 reviews on WeddingWire 5 Stars
– Over 362 Reviews on TheKnot! 5 Stars
– Over 319 reviews and 5 Star rating on Google!

Are you comfortable shooting only from the back of the church?

We are very comfortable shooting  only from the back of the church and have all the proper equipment to do so.