Chester, NJ Wedding Photographer Video and Photo Booth Specialists Review

I don’t remember exactly where I found Alex, must have been on the knot or I was searching for budget photographers. I knew I didn’t wanna spend over 2K on photography but I also knew I wanted someone who has somewhat of an experience doing wedding photography. When I saw Alex’s page I knew I wanted to meet with him. I don’t know anything about photography and lighting and all that crap but I knew I liked his style so I met with him and told him my budget and signed my contract. He told me he has a videographer as well so wanting to consolidate my vendors I booked his too. I didn’t meet the videographer until the day of my wedding and I liked that he wasn’t in my face but at the same time he was always there. He’s almost like ninja LOL. We did have 2 photographers and I hate myself for not remembering my main photographer’s name. All I knew was she was a woman and she was young haha… I liked her. She was fun and easy to shoot with. She obeyed all my requests including stopping in the middle of the road for a really awesome road shot. And YES she did stop traffic for me LOL. Ill give them proper credit once I get my pix back ☺

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