New Jersey Professional Business Headshots

What Attire to Wear For Your Corporate Headshot

For men, classic suits are always great way to go when it comes to business headshots! However you should keep it simple and keep from wearing distracting colors or patterns. A black, blue or grey suit should do just fine. Another important tip to keep in mind is to refrain from wearing white shirts unless accompanied by a tie of a shade in between the jacket and the shirt. If you choose not to wear a jacket, it will look better to wear a darker color button up. If you choose to do this, it is best to unbutton a button or two and refrain from wearing an undershirt or wear a v-neck so it isn’t visible.

For women, bold colors and distracting patterns are not a big concern if they can be covered by a plain blazer or sweater. It is okay if a little of the pattern is showing, it gives just a pop of color. Lower necklines work better for women as long they aren’t too low and no cleavage is shown. It is also important to know to refrain from wearing turtle necks. Another thing to avoid is a short sleeves or tank tops. They can be acceptable if it is a sleeveless dress or blouse, but a blazer or sweater should be kept by your side just in case. As far as jewelry goes, it should be kept simple and should not be distract from your face, your face is the key point. Makeup is also acceptable as long as colors are not too bright and it is not too distracting, Just make sure the makeup is applied before going to the studio to get your photo taken, you can get your eyebrows done at Microblading Atlanta.

The most prominent thing in a good corporate headshot is a natural smile. Make sure you’re comfortable in front of the lens and give the photographer a nice big smile. Try to avoid insincere and awkward looking smiles. 


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