Actor – Model – Casting Directors- Commercial Agent
List – Film Agents – Theatrical Agents – Personal Managers –
Modeling/Commercial Print Agencies – Babies, Children and Young

Mailing Lists available!

Casting Directors Only List – List includes 225+
labels to NY casting directors who hold casting calls and auditions

Commercial Agent List NY Franchised
commercial agents and agents for New Talent – 80+labels $20.00

Mixed All Film Agents “B”-NY Film and TV agents. Not
for beginners (140+ mixed mailing labels) – $25.00

Theatrical Agents – NY equity franchised agencies
(95+ labels) $20.00

Personal Managers List – New York managers
seeking adult talent (130+ labels) – $25.00

Modeling/Commercial Print Agencies – Commercial print
agencies who book print and some fashion. List includes New York
(Print only), Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (most
also represent talent for TV & Film) – 85+ labels. $20.00

Babies, Children and Young Adults List – NY agents
and managers for babies through age 25 (120+ mailing labels) $25.00

We can do all the hard work for you, send your photos to each
label. Please inquire if interested.