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Jasmin and Alex arrived at each location on time and were terrific! Even though I was nervous, they were able to put me at ease and make me laugh (no fake-looking smiles in my photos!). The pictures turned out beautifully! I wanted a variety of artistic styles and they were able to accomodate all of them. I got my posed pictures with my family and friends, as well as my candid photojournalistic ones. During the reception, if I ever wanted to take a picture with a group, all i had to do was make eye contact and they were there in a flash! Otherwise, they blended in with the rests of the guests. Within 3 weeks, the pictures were already available to view (which is more than I can say for some other brides I know that are still waiting for their pictures 6 months later and who paid way more than I did!). I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a variety of photographic styles at a reasonable price and great service!

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